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This is a continuation of our regular updates in this blog about our services in MANGALORE TRAVELS CORPORATION:


We all are enduring a critical situation which we have not encountered anytime in our Generation due to the Corona Virus COVID-19 Pandemic.

Nature had imposed this stalemate on us without any warning and us as human beings are only left to tend to us to the best of our ability, which is very much possible due to the Percentage of success rate seen in the recovery from this infection, and the fatality rate is not invasive.

This situation imposed on us by NATURE is creating a negative atmosphere all around us personally and commercially, but we people are more intelligent and innovative because we know how to beat the adversity with the utmost warrior spirit.

Yes the situation does not allow us to be as we were before this Pandemic, but we know ADAPTABILITY and we can adapt to any changing adverse situation.

We say: Keep the motivation high, never get depressed and be brave, this will create a fighting spirit within our system and we can overcome any adverse situation, don’t allow ourselves to think that I will get infected and the unexpected may happen, but say to yourself that I am not going to be infected because I am taking the necessary precautions and even if I am going to be infected I am going to be cured and will come out fighting healthy.

Let us take all the positive information we can get from all sources to fuel our positive spirit to fight and live long.


Business-wise MANGALORE TRAVELS CORPORATION, have taken this positive spirit forward and never allowed ourselves to cow down from the negative atmosphere.

We pursued and are able to negotiate the obstacles and come out successful in serving our customers.

We have taken the necessary steps to legally take necessary PASS for our customers who need to take their unavoidable travel program.

We have continuously monitored our drivers who will be providing the driving service to our customers.

We were prepared to take out anyone who had any minor signs of COVID-19 infection and to make necessary tests and treatment that may be necessary to get them out of the infection, but fortunately, we never had any case till date, thanks to the precautionary measures we take to keep ourselves hygienic.

We have instructed strictly to our drivers to maintain a high degree of hygiene, such as the washing of hands and face regularly and to use sanitizers whenever they are in public or comes in contact with public places.

Usually, we maintain very clean vehicles of a good standard for our service and there is a continuous inspection to see that the drivers also maintain the standard of personal hygiene, but this situation has made us do the same more and regularly so that we can be sure that the vehicle and the personnel we provide are safe for our passengers and after each trip, our drivers follow the safety procedure to ensure that they are not carriers of the infection.


We also request humbly to our customers to sanitize themselves before entering the vehicle and also to sanitize themselves when they get out of the vehicle, this will make sure that you had taken a safe trip and have made the vehicle and personnel safe for our other clients. This is a continuous process and that ensures that whenever you have any transportation request you can be sure that MANGALORE TRAVELS CORPORATION can provide a safe vehicle for your travel program.

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