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Make Your Travel Smooth with Minibuses on Rent in Mangalore

Minibus Rental/Hire in Mangalore: Undoubtedly, nothing can match the joy of travelling together in a comfortable minibus with your friends and families. The best thing about hiring a minibus in Mangalore is that you can customize the trip according to your preference. You can stop at multiple locations and enjoy the journey at each stance. Be it lush greeneries or the busy life of Mangalore, Minibuses on Rent in Mangalore can give you a lifetime experience that you’ll possibly experience anywhere.

Minibuses on Rental / Hire in Mangalore

Minibuses on Rent in Mangalore; with Mangalore Travels Corporation In the case of public transport, travelling can be more than boring. In addition to that, these buses never care about sightseeing; therefore, you’ll miss a great number of things on the way. Likewise, at Mangalore Travels Corporation, we ensure the minimum price as compared to other service providers. Advantages of Booking Minibus Rental/hire in Mangalore Minibuses on Rent in Mangalore Our Minibuses on rent in Mangalore offer a pan India journey and beyond in case you’re planning for extensive travel. Minibuses are the perfect vehicle if you plan to explore new places with your family and friends.

Prices of Minibuses on rent in Mangalore

Hiring a luxury Minibus in Mangalore is economical as compared to public transport. At Mangalore Travels Corporation, we charge the lowest amount and help you save a ton. As our vehicles are in good condition, they perform exceptionally well. Therefore, our fuel efficiency is higher than any other service provider, so we are an affordable Minibus on rental in Mangalore. If you compare the price of our service with others, you will find a significant amount of variation. We are here to serve our customers; therefore, we make sure you experience the best journey at the cheapest price. Also, customers have the option to go for AC and Non-AC bus services. You can also feed your request, and we’ll try our best to include your requirement.

Why Should You Minibuses on Rent / Hire in Mangalore?

Here we’ll focus on why Minibus on Rent Mangalore is the best option. You can travel wherever you want and can visit all the tourist attractions in a particular city. While public transport service has fixed stops, when you avail of a minibus service, you can travel relentlessly and won’t have to face the issue of finding public transport. You can also get a local driver in case you plan to explore Mangalore. Our chauffeurs are well-versed in the city and can act as a guide to help you enjoy the trip. Likewise, there are lots of risks when you use public transport. When you go for Minibuses on Rent in Mangalore, the vehicle will come to your place, pick you and drop you off as per your requirements. Other things like parking issues, toll payment, and route management won’t be a hurdle. All that you need to do is book the service, inform the destination, and your travel agency will take care of it.

We Make Your Travel Awesome 

Make your journey hassle-free with Mangalore Travels Corporation. If you have been searching for a Minibus on rent in Mangalore that ensures comfortable travel, we are the one you should contact. We have well-maintained buses with a range of bus options. If you are someone who needs luxury when travelling, head on to our service. Our AC minibus service comes with the latest features. Some of these include
  • Wifi service
  • Air conditioning
  • Music system
  • GPS navigation
  • Central Television
  When it comes to sitting, our buses provide retractable push-back seating. You can enjoy your journey. Whether you want to have your trip with full-on music or experience the privacy of travelling with your friends and family, we make sure all your expectations are met appropriately.

Quick Booking Facility in Mangalore Travels Corporation

The recent growth in customers seeking private travel has emphasized luxury travel services. At Mangalore Travels Corporation, we have a fleet of luxury minibuses at our disposal; we equally make sure that the bus availability is 24×7. Now, you can book a tour bus service in Mangalore online. Visit our website or download our mobile app and select the service. Once the payment gets completed, your booking is finalized. A day before the journey, you’ll receive a call from one of our executive managers, and we provide you with all the necessary details.

Who Are the Drivers?

Mangalore Travels Corporation includes chauffeurs with years of experience. Our chauffeurs have driven in both Indian and roads beyond the borders of India. The chauffeur is also the in-charge of the group. You should also know that as per the norm, your chauffeur may drive for a maximum of five hours and take a break. If travelling time exceeds, our team will manage a solution to make things flexible. You can avail of timely stops. Additionally, apart from driving, in case there happens to be any mechanical issue with your minibus, our driver will sort it out.

The specification of Minibus Hire in Mangalore

The term “minibus” refers to a small-sized passenger vehicle designed to transport a relatively small number of people, typically between 8 and 30 passengers. While the specifications of a minibus can vary depending on the manufacturer and model, I can provide you with a general overview of common specifications you might find in a minibus:
  1. Seating capacity: Minibuses typically have seating capacities ranging from 8 to 30 passengers, including the driver.
  2. Size and dimensions: The dimensions of a minibus can vary, but they are generally smaller than full-size buses. The length of a minibus can range from around 5 meters (16 feet) to 10 meters (33 feet), depending on the model.
  3. Engine: Minibuses are usually powered by diesel engines, although some models may offer gasoline or alternative fuel options. The engine size and power output can vary depending on the model and manufacturer.
  4. Transmission: Minibuses commonly feature manual or automatic transmissions, depending on the model and customer preferences.
  5. Accessibility: Many minibuses are designed to be wheelchair-accessible, with features such as wheelchair lifts or ramps to accommodate passengers with mobility needs.
  6. Safety features: Minibuses typically include safety features such as seat belts for all passengers, anti-lock braking systems (ABS), airbags, and other standard safety equipment.
  7. Amenities: Depending on the intended use and customization options, minibuses may come with various amenities such as air conditioning, heating, audio/video systems, comfortable seating, luggage compartments, and more.
It’s important to note that specific features and specifications can vary significantly between different minibus models and manufacturers. If you have a particular model or brand in mind, it would be helpful to refer to their specifications to get precise information.

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