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Minibus hire in Mangalore BOOK NOW Minibus hire in Mangalore Traveling with a group in Mangalore? Consider hiring a minibus from Mangalore Travel Corporation for a comfortable and convenient journey. Our minibuses are perfect for family outings, corporate trips, or tourist groups, offering ample space and modern amenities. With experienced drivers who know the local routes, you can sit back and enjoy the scenic beauty of Mangalore without any hassle. Our minibuses are well-maintained, ensuring a smooth and safe ride. Whether you’re heading to the beach, exploring historic sites, or attending a special event, our minibus hire service provides the ideal solution for group travel.  The Minibus vehicle is quite spacious luxurious and comfortable seats which will make you feel your journey more comfortable and memorable. Travelling in a Minibus is convenient for medium-sized families and small groups. The Minibus is more comfortable for a long journey. Hiring a Minibus for your outstation trip is a very good choice. Minibus is fit for 21 pax. Travelling in a Minibus gives you more entertaining options during your journey. The Minibus per km price in Mangalore is quite reasonable compared to the other modes of transport. Booking a Minibus from Mangalore Travels Corporation would give you road trip experts, a clean vehicle, reliable and affordable. Minibus Specification  The term “minibus” typically refers to a small passenger vehicle designed to transport a moderate number of people. While there is no specific standard for minibus specifications, I can provide some general information about minibus specifications commonly found in the market. Keep in mind that actual specifications may vary depending on the manufacturer and model. Here are some key aspects to consider: Seating capacity: Minibuses usually have a seating capacity ranging from 8 to 30 passengers, depending on the size and configuration. Some minibuses may also have the option for additional standing room. Size and dimensions: Minibuses come in various sizes, but they are typically smaller than full-size buses. The overall length can vary, but they are designed to be more manoeuvrable and fit in tight spaces compared to larger buses. Engine and powertrain: Minibuses can have different types of engines, including gasoline, diesel, or even electric powertrains. The power output may vary depending on the engine type and model, ranging from around 100 to 300 horsepower. Transmission: Most minibuses have automatic transmissions, which offer ease of use and smooth operation. However, some models may also offer manual transmissions. Accessibility features: Many minibuses are designed to accommodate passengers with disabilities or limited mobility. These features may include wheelchair ramps, low-floor designs, or lifts to ensure easy entry and exit. Safety features: Minibuses often include safety features such as seat belts for each passenger, airbags, ABS (anti-lock braking system), stability control, and sometimes even additional safety features like lane departure warning systems or collision avoidance systems. Amenities and comfort: Minibuses can vary in terms of amenities and comfort features. Some models may have air conditioning, entertainment systems, comfortable seating, and luggage compartments for added convenience. Regulatory compliance: Minibuses need to meet various regulatory requirements depending on the region and purpose of use. These may include safety standards, emissions regulations, and accessibility guidelines. It’s important to note that specific minibus models may have different specifications, and additional features or customization options may be available depending on the manufacturer and the purpose of the vehicle (e.g., shuttle service, tourism, school transportation, etc.). Minibus hire in Mangalore Mangalore Minibus Minibus hire in MangaloreAre you planning to travel to Mangalore anytime soon, driving away from the tension of finding transportation inside the city by taking a Minibus for rent in Mangaluru? Whether it is a family outing, a holiday with friends or a business trip, a Minibus on rent in Mangalore for outstation trips would take you to all your desired destinations without having to worry about transport. Depending on the number of travellers, you can choose from the following configurations, based on your convenience. Please select a valid form Vehicle type and seating capacityCab-type Seating capacity Hatchback                  4+1 Sedan cab                   4+1 Muv                              7+1 Suv                               6+1 Minibus                     12+1 Mini Bus                    21+1 Bus         30 / 40 / 46 / 48 Minibus fare in Mangalore Minibus Outstation Hire charges at Mangalore Vehicle Type: MinibusSeating Capacity: 21+1Service Type: A/c cabs or Non a/c cabsUsage Per Day: Minimum 300 Kms (Full Day )Cab charges: for Non/Ac  Rs..10,000/300kmsCab Charges: for A/c Rs.14,000/300kmExtra Km Charges: Rs.35 (Non AC), Rs.45(AC)Includes: Hire Charges, Fuel Charges Terms & Conditions: Mileage and time will be calculated from garage to garage Driver Bata Rs.500 will be applicable. Driver Bata Rs.500/- is charged extra for the duties after 09.00 pm and before 6.00 am Toll & Parking fees, Interstate tax & Permit fees will be Charged extra & collected at actual. Usage of AC in the vehicle during parking will be charged extra on an hourly basis. The above tariff will be changed according to season/fuel rate increases/ other circumstances Minibus for rent in Mangalore If you are planning to visit Mangalore, be it for any reason, it would be best to hire a Minibus in Mangalore for the advantages it has. The Minibus per km rate in Mangalore is also quite reasonable and would suit your requirements. Now that you have all the information you need, book a Minibus for a hassle-free trip. So, if you are planning a tour to Mangalore, rent a Minibus from Mangalore Travels Corporation, right now and make things easier for you!  Call @ 9880797829 / 9741647829 Quick Links Services Book Online Car Rental Outstation Taxi Service Updates Terms and conditions Contact us Phone: +919880797829 Email: Address: Presidency Zone-1, Third Floor, Bendoorwell,

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