Taxi Service at Mangalore Airport

Taxi Service at Mangalore International AirportĀ 

There are several taxi services available at Mangalore International Airport to cater to the transportation needs of passengers. Some of the popular taxi services in Mangalore Airport include:

  1. Prepaid Taxi Service: The airport has a prepaid taxi counter where you can book a taxi based on your destination. You can pay the fare in advance at the counter, and they will assign a taxi to you.
  2. Ola Cabs: Ola is a popular ride-hailing service in India, and it operates in Mangalore as well. You can book an Ola cab using their mobile app, and the driver will pick you up from the airport.
  3. Uber: Uber is another well-known ride-hailing service that operates in Mangalore. You can use the Uber app to book a cab, and an Uber driver will be available to pick you up at the airport.
  4. Local Taxi Operators: There are also several local taxi operators in Mangalore who provide services to and from the airport. You can find these taxi operators outside the airport terminal, and they usually have their own counters or stands.
  5. Hotel Shuttles: Some hotels near the airport provide shuttle services for their guests. If you have made prior arrangements with your hotel, they may offer transportation from the airport.

When you arrive at Mangalore Airport, you can look for the taxi services mentioned above. It is advisable to check the availability, rates, and other details in advance to ensure a smooth and convenient journey to your destination.